Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery is open for visitors daily, weather permitting.

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. November 1 through February 28

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily March 1 through October 31

Cemetery Office hours are by appointment only.

(757) 422-1287

Michael Brown, Cemetery Manager

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History of the Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery

The Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery was established around 1900 on the grounds just north of the third chapel building which was located directly across the road from Naval Air Station Oceana. With the introduction of jet aircraft into the Navy in the early 1950s, it became necessary to extend the air station’s runways to accommodate them, and the chapel was dangerously close to proposed flight paths. After much deliberation, it was decided in 1951 to relocate the chapel and cemetery to its current location on Laskin Road.

Today Eastern Shore Chapel’s serenely beautiful cemetery is located on 8 acres of land adjacent to the chapel, amidst a profusion of laurel, dogwood, holly, pine, and oak trees. Our cemetery has not only the available in-ground space, but also a large columbarium and remembrance garden for cremains as well. In 1989, an Infant Memorial Garden and Cremation Garden were created and the first inurnments took place. In 2005, construction began on a columbarium and the first inurnments in the columbarium took place in June, 2006.

Burial at Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery

Nearly 500 in-ground gravesites are available to all Episcopalians and others to purchase. Our cemetery is one of the few in the area which allows the use of engraved memorial stones. Each in-ground burial site is limited to hold the remains of two persons: two cremated remains (cremains), two coffin/vault burials, or one coffin burial and one cremain. The cemetery is currently undergoing an expansion to create another 1800 graves on the property to meet the burial needs of the community for the next 30 years.

Current Grave Prices (2021)
Current In-Ground Grave Prices
Eastern Shore Chapel Communicants $1,300
All Others $2,000
Remembrance Garden (In-Ground Cremorial Units)
Cremation Single Unit, small 15″x21″, includes memorial stone
* price may vary by supplier
Cremation Single Unit, large 20″x25″, includes memorial stone
* price may vary by supplier
Infant or child, includes memorial stone
* price may vary by supplier
Random in-ground with memorial on Columbarium wall $1,000
Other Burial Options
Columbarium Niche (for 2 cremains) – includes engraving fee ESC Members $1,150
All others $2,200
Cremation Niche Double Unit (for 2 cremains)- includes engraving fee ESC Members $1,150
All others $2,200

NOTE- At the time of burial, small fees are also charged for exact grave location, perpetual maintenance and opening/closing of the grave.

We invite you to visit Eastern Shore Chapel Cemetery and consider it as a final resting place for yourself or your loved ones.