“Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

Our Outreach Ministry embraces these words of Jesus. We not only provide financial support to programs but we offer lots of “hands-on” participation. We remind parishioners we are agents of God’s kingdom in our community and in the world.

We are avidly engaged in mission and ministry among and with people in need. Our ministry partners include:

Here are some of our special projects.


BEACH is a community partnership between citizens and faith, business, non-profit and city organizations who are working together in Bringing an End to All City Homelessness. It has been established as the umbrella organization that will assist agencies in coordinating services and enabling us to do the best we can for our homeless and at-risk citizens. A free light lunch will be served.

To learn more about BEACH Community Partnership visit www.beachcp.org. Contact Lou Ann Laurance for more information.


Winter Shelter

Once cold weather sets in ESC joins with other community churches and organizations to host Winter Shelter. For one week we provide meals and a warm place to sleep for 65 homeless men and women in this cold time of the year. Thanks to the many volunteers who cook and serve meals, provide supplies, talents and donations and serve as a presence to those in need. To help with this year’s winter shelter, contact Worth Remick.

To learn more about BEACH Community Partnership visit www.beachcp.org. Contact Lou Ann Laurance for more information.


Holy Cross Anglican School in San Mateo Belize was founded in 2006 to provide an education to over 425 of the islands poorest children. Before the school was founded, many of these children simply roamed the beaches, sold jewelry to tourists and had little hope of a brighter future. Eastern Shore Chapel has been involved with the school for the last several years. Each summer a team of teens and adults visits to help with construction, Vacation Bible School, tutoring, and general help and support. Another mission trip is being planned for the summer of 2017.

Mission Trip – Summer 2016

In late June of this year, twenty adventurous souls set out of Ambergris Caye, a small island off the coast of Belize. It was a week well spent with hard work, great stories, shared meals and no shortage of laughter.

Eastern Shore Chapel has been going to work at Belize for ten years and we have a wonderful reputation as a hardworking group. I was speaking to Lydia Brown the volunteer coordinator and she told me that Mr. Freddie (the man who does everything at the school) was looking forward to us being there as ESC has always been one of the elite volunteer groups. So we should all be proud of the work we have done in the past and the work we will do this year.

So why do we have to travel to another place to do the work of the Church? As I tell the groups each year it is to get out of our comfort zone and to be transformed, so we are better equipped to do the work in the world that Jesus has commanded us to do.

Why does Holy Cross need our help? In Belize education is mandatory, however the government only provides teachers, so Holy Cross and the community must provide the building, the administration, the support, the meals, the list goes on and on. This support comes from donations and relies on the work that volunteer teams do throughout the year. Holy Cross serves the community of San Mateo, one of the most impoverished areas in Belize. Before Holy Cross there was no chance for education for the children of San Mateo. Holy Cross started about 10 years ago with 50 students and has now grown to over 500 students. They still turn away over a hundred students each year. The past few years Holy Cross has started to receive awards for testing progress and this past year they are starting to receive awards for testing achievement. Where there was a vacuum there is now hope. That is reason enough for us to continue to support this effort with our time talent and treasure, which Eastern Shore Chapel has been so generous with.

Contact Scottdarnell@cox.net for more information on this ministry.